The Heart


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The Heart necklace is developed in collaboration with Cathrine W. Wichmand from and is a tribute to all the amazing women in our life.

In the old days the heart was a symbol based on a leaf from an ancient tree. The old Greeks was certain that this symbol was a sign of immortality. Around 1.500 AC the leaf as a symbol of life got a new meaning, when it no longer was painted green, but red as the heart.

The heart is a symbol of love, it can be the love between couples, between family members, and also between friends.

The collaboration with Cathrine W. Wichmand evoke from a desire to celebrate friendship:

The love, loyalty, acceptance, and trust that you share with your dearest friends.


” In everyday life, where we all are busy with our own things, I often forget to say out loud how precious my friends are to me – with this pendant I can spoil and at the same time celebrate the women in my life.  A reminder I can wear around my neck, close to my heart”- Cathrine Widunok Wichmand”

The pendant is shaped as a heart, divided into two pieces. What better way to show your friend that you truly appreciate and value your friendship, by sharing the necklace that symbolizes love!


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