Petal Earrings – Silver

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A petal is a flower leaf that responds to heat and sunlight; plain when closed, but beautiful when unfolded. Because of the petal’s natural ability to open and close I found it was the perfect name for my new collection that incorporates the same functionality. When the petal is closed, it appears to be simple and practical, but when it is open, it surprises its viewer by unfolding hidden parts of beautiful art.

I wanted to integrate the same feeling and feature in the Petal-collection. Each petal is designed as a freefalling droplet; unique in shape, but varied in size to allow a three-dimensional look even when worn as folded. What inspired me was a handheld fan that likewise appears to be very simple when it is closed until it reveals its hidden treasure inside when unfolded. Because of the open/close option, it’s up to the user to decide how to wear the Petal-collection: Plain and practical, or open and alive.


The Petal earring is made of silver and 2 0.015 ct. twvvs diamonds on each leaf.