Ring In Motion – Tahiti Pearl

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The Ring In Motion come’s with three different types of  Tahiti pearl and on each ring there is a moveable setting with a brilliant cut diamond.

Ring in 18 kt gold 0.04 ct tw vvs brilliant cut diamond & pearl

Ring in 18 kt. whitegold. 0.04 ct tw vvs brilliant cut diamond & pearl

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The ring is timeless and has a classic centre stone in a conic setting, with a small movable diamond on the side. The moveable setting makes the ring appear slightly different each time you look at it; it makes it remarkable because just like the person wearing it, always energetic and in motion, the ring is never in the same position.


The ring is made of 18 kt. Gold with a round Tahiti pearl and a 0.04 ct twvvs brilliant cut diamond on the side.