The Shield bracelet & Time Capsule pendant

The Shield bracelet

Throughout history, the shield has saved many lives by protecting its owner from danger. Still today the shield is a valued safety device and I decided to use it against an enemy we all wish to fight, namely childhood cancer. When buying the Shield you support research to beat childhood cancer and help the poor children suffering from it as all profit will be donated in full to the Child Cancer Foundation in Denmark.  The Shield is a 3-part bracelet: A silver ring surrounding a rotatable silver plate on a polyester cord that can be adjusted in size as required. You can personalize the bracelet by decorating it with initials, motives or maybe a small diamond. The personal touch is all up to you

The Time Capsule pendant

When a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer, I got to know a charitable organization called Team Rynkeby. Each year, Team Rynkeby initiates and participates in a series of activities and events to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation in Denmark. Team Rynkeby asked me to design a piece of jewellery for which the profit will go in full to children who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families. My idea was to create a new version of the traditional locket, which is a pendant that can be used to store photographs, drawings or other valuable items. So I designed a pendant for men and women that can be personalized by the person who wears it. I call my pendants “Time Capsules”, because a time capsule is a cache that you can use to keep and preserve memories and pieces of history.
The Time Capsule is made in silver.

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